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Religion is a big deal in Abaddon. The Gods are alive and active in the world. In spite of numerous sightings, there are still some people who do not believe in their existence. The Gods look favorably upon individuals that uphold their values. Similarly, the Gods spite those that ignore or reject their values. Despite Gods being an important part of the world, it ironically doesn’t have the full spectrum of deities that are described in the Allowed Rulebooks (see above). Instead, selection of a race locks you into a subset of available deities.

Please consult the following when choosing your Deity:
Race Allowed Deities
Any Race Agnostic
Dragonborn Pelor, Bahamut, Kord
Dwarf Pelor, Moradin, Kord
Eladrin Pelor
Elf Pelor, Melora
Gnome Pelor, Avandra, Sehanine
Goliath Pelor, Kord
Half-Elf Pelor, Melora
Halfling Pelor, Avandra, Sehanine
Human Pelor

Boons and Curses

Throughout your life, there will be events that cause you to pause and believe that your successes or failures were inspired by a higher force. They were.

Through your travels in the world, making your deity happy will result in you receiving a small temporary boon from Him/Her. The boon scales with your tier. There are heroic, paragon, and epic boons. Likewise if you make your deity angry and fail to uphold its principles (or reject them completely) you will receive a curse from the deity.

As a player, you will never know the mechanics behind the boons and curses – you will only know whether your character is under the influence of one.

Listing of the Deity Choices (alphabetically):


Existence of Gods must be demonstrated rather than accepted via faith.
  • Receive the heroic-level boons and curses from any of the Gods.


The God of Change and delights in freedom, trade, travel, adventure, and the frontier.
  • You control your fate; Exercise this control.
  • Luck favors the bold.
  • Strike back against oppression.
  • Urge others to fight for their liberty.
  • Change happens; Ensure it’s for the right reasons and results in a better world.


The God of Justice, Protection, Nobility, and Honor
  • Uphold the highest ideals of honor and justice.
  • Be vigilant against evil and fight it on all fronts.
  • Protect the weak
  • Liberate the oppressed
  • Defend lawful order


God of Storms and is the Lord of Battle
  • Be Strong; Do not use strength for wanton destruction.
  • Be Brave; Scorn cowardice at every opportunity.
  • Prove your might in combat to win glory and renown.


Goddess of the Wilderness and the Sea
  • Protect the wild from destruction and overuse.
  • Hunt down and slay aberrant monsters and other abominations of nature.
  • Do not fear the savagery of the wild
  • Live in harmony with the chaos of nature.


God of Creation and Patron of the Artisans
  • Meet adversity with stoicism and tenacity.
  • Demonstrate loyalty to your family, clan, leaders, and people.
  • Strive to leave a mark on the world for to make something that stands the test of time is extraordinary and considered the highest good.


God of The Light and is the Keeper of Time
  • Bring The Light into places of darkness.
  • Alleviate suffering wherever you find it.
  • Support those in need and opposes all that is evil.
  • Be watchful against evil, cleansing it whenever encountered.


Goddess of the Moon and Patron of Illusion
  • Follow your own goals.
  • Seek your own destiny.
  • Keep to the shadows; avoid the crusading light of good and the corrupting nature of evil.
  • Seek new horizons and new experiences.
  • Let nothing tie you down.


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