Street Fighting

The scene in the Lower City was pretty grim. Quarantined by the mages, only those with explicit permission from the Arch Magus himself are allowed to pass freely to and from the Lower City.

Our heroes, led by The Faceless One, continued onward where they were stopped by a group of thugs demanding money. Danev decided to throw the first punch despite lacking any weapons or armor. After a brief fistfight, the thugs begged to be left alone. Danev demanded all of their money, and so the heroes received 34 silver pieces.

Once the heroes were armed, they proceeded to the outskirts of the lower city where they found a group of thugs being chased by infected lower city citizens. Our heroes proceeded to attack the infected. When the infected fell, scarab swarms burst from their bodies and continued to attack the heroes. A great battle ensued, but the heroes were victorious.

  • Danev slipped out of the magic ward and attacked a combination of friendly mages and scarabs.
  • One mage sacrificed himself, detonating one of the swarms.
  • Joshua fell unconscious.
  • Everyone except Danev suffered the effects of corruption.



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