Street Cleaning

“For 400 years, this city has stood in the middle of the ocean. The Arch Magus and his kin hold the water back with arcane-infused crystals placed around the lower levels of the city. Last year, we noticed that the crystals were becoming less and less effective, requiring the mages to work harder to sustain the wards. We started mining for more crystals to infuse. Last month, we couldn’t afford to keep the mages holding the tunnel active because we now need everyone to hold the water back to protect the city.

What’s more disturbing were reports of cannibalism in the mines. These vicious acts never went unpunished, of course, but I haven’t seen this level of violence since the before construction of Babylon. Yesterday, we received reports that this has spread to the lower levels of the city. I fear that the corruption has reached us even in the ocean. I must trust that you are the same heroes that the Lord God Pelor has shown me.

You must judge them all.

When you have completed this task, find me in the Pelorian District of the Middle City.

I pray for your success.”

The exemplar of frailty takes his leave of you and departs the Hall of Feasts with his entourage.

You can’t wait to begin, but you must first go to the Soulforge to finish character creation.



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