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“Is this a joke?” you shout at the gaping hole where the door used to be. “Where am I?”

This is some serious bullshit.. you think to yourself musing on how your day could start off any worse.

You found yourself in a room with:
  1. a door that melted into some skank’s armor.
  2. an altar of obsidian in the center of it.
  3. smashed outwards yet still intact stone walls.

To make matters worse, your mouth is dry, and your stomach is begging you for food.

What choice do you have? You cautiously leave the room following the woman.

The room exits into a larger circular room with five doorways (including yours) and a dome ceiling with a narrow slit in the roof allowing sunlight to illuminate the room. The floor in the center of the room sparkles with an 8’ diameter gold circle with a symbol on it [show symbol – four overlapping circles whose centers are translated off the origin by a small amount]. The five doorways, regularly positioned around the room, lead into other rooms with obsidian altars. You notice movement therein as other individuals wearing similar white robes to yours exit their respective rooms.

There are a number of identical women exiting in front of the other robed folks. They each head to the center of the room where they merge into one being. Your stomach turns, but you manage not to vomit.

“Stand beside me, heroes,” she calmly instructs, her eyes closed and arms outstretched, palms facing the ceiling.

When you stand on the gold circle next to the woman, your vision blurs as you disappear. When you reappear, you find yourself in a room adjoining a dinner hall with a high ceiling. A large feast is set out presumably for you to eat. At the head of the table is a large throne-like chair. Behind the chair are giant dark wooden doors that extend to the ceiling. Opposite the doors is a magnificent stained glass rendition of what appears to be an epic battle. The rendition in the stained glass looks familiar, but you can’t quite place the depiction.

“Please find a seat,” your guide instructs, “The Lord High Anointed will be here shortly.”

Just as you seat yourself, the doors groan as they’re opened. Two hooded men with their heads lowered so you cannot see their faces enter. Behind them is a very old very frail man that appears to shine with brilliant light.

The woman’s voice fills your mind, “You’re wondering why he didn’t simply teleport in as we did. The Lord High Anointed prefers more established forms of transportation.. Cornelius is very old – respect him and mind yourself.”

The woman exits the hall and teleports away.

The Lord High Anointed takes his seat at the head of the table.



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