Abaddon is a D&D world that is nearing its end. Characters may either choose to help save the world or accelerate its fall into chaos.


I’m going to relax the restrictions of the past sessions and allow a greater range of classes, builds, and equipment that will appear in this campaign. Given that, the following rulebooks are fair game.

Get with Joshua or myself if you do not have these books on hand:
  • Players Handbook
  • Players Handbook 2
  • Monster Manual
  • Dungeon Masters Guide
  • Adventurer’s Vault
  • Martial Power


Abaddon is a world rich in cultures and races. However, including certain races in the campaign as they are feels contrived when considering the entirety of the story’s spectrum. Rather than restricting several races, those offending races or abilities have been removed or changed. In addition to losing abilities, some races gain other abilities to compensate. Remember when viewing this table, that each of the races listed presented some complication to the story, and that they really don’t belong in the campaign.

Please consider the following side effects if you choose a class listed below:
Race Side Effect
Dragonborn Dragon Breath – standard action with recharge 6;
Eladrin Trance removed;
The following races are restricted from play in this campaign.
  • Deva
  • Half-Orc
  • Shifter
  • Tiefling


This deities stuff is really involved, and it gets its own wiki page.


The world has several different languages in addition to the ones you can choose from the Player’s Handbook. The “Common” language is actually split into three different dialects.

You must choose one of three dialects:
  • Abaddonian
  • Sescheronian
  • Kanduran

Starting Gear Restriction

You start the game wearing only a white silk robe. But don’t worry—it looks cool and has ornate runes weaved into it. Additionally, you start the game with zero (0) gold.

Party Composition

As an aid, the following are recommendations from the DM regarding party composition:
  • One in your party should draw his/her power from the divine.
  • One in your party should speak Sescheronian.

Additional Reading

For more reading, please consult the Adventure Log and the Wiki.